Turbo Charge Your Credit

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Our Program

Preferred Customer Visa

An Excellent Start

Starting off with a credit card to reestablish your credit is where you want to begin.
Just be sure to keep your balance below 70% of the limit.

Build an R1 Rating

Making an on time payment every month ensures you
credit card stays at an R1 rating which is the best rating for
your credit report.

Be Careful

If you can’t afford it in cash or off your debit card, you definitely can’t afford it in credit card.

Live Credit Expert Support

Our Credit Experts will help propel you forward by giving you
knowledge about credit you never had before.

If you’re knowledgeable in a certain subject, you most likely
won’t have problems in that area.

Educating people about credit is a massive goal for us, and
making sure you have access to the right resources and
answers is key to your success.
By becoming a member with us you also get this service at
no extra cost.
Our experts will analyze your credit report and generate
dispute letters on your behalf.

Report Rent to Equifax

Be Different

Less than 1% of Canadians build credit with their rent payments

Unlock Financial Options

Reporting your rent to the credit bureaus can help
improve your chances of getting approved for financing
(mortgages, car loans, personal loans etc…)

Regain Control

Make the decision to improve your credit, and we will help you every step of the way.

No Credit Check

Program Features

  • Get a Preferred Customer Visa (Reloadable Card)
  • Report Rent Payments
  • Live Credit Experts (Settle Collection Debts)
  • $19.99 weekly member payments (Cancel Anytime)

Upon submitting your purchase application, your first 19.99 $ weekly member payment will be debited on the nearest Friday, and continue until customer is satisfied with the results of the credit repair program. Customer can use the credit repair program services as long as needed and cancel anytime.